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This is a guide to making your own tube site.  These are the things you need to get started and build the next youtube or porntube.

What you need to make your own tube site:


Web host

Domain name

Tube theme layout

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Web Hosting

The first thing you need to make your own tube site is a webhost.  You can use a free webhost or purchase a hosting plan

Free Hosting

When you opt for a free webhost to make a tube site you must understand that the upload limit that is provided isn't enough to upload video files.  To get around this you can just use the embed option provided by other tube sites and use their content. 

---you can use this guide to set up your own version of a youtube or a porntube---

000Webhost is a good, free host that tolerates pornographic content (which is really hard to find--if you don't intent to have porn on your own tube site).  They offer 1500 MB of space as well as a giant 100GB of bandwidth.  You can also go through them as a paid host for more options,which would include increasing the low upload limit.  This is the site I used while making my own tube site and it works great.  100% free, all you need is an email address.  You can also check the links to the right for more webhosting

Paid Hosting

Paid hosting for is the best option for making your own tubesite because it puts you in direct control of everything.  One of the best hosts I have found would definitely have to be Host Gator.  They have some of the cheapest monthly plans I have seen and the cheapest plan that they offer, only $4.95 per month, comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.  That is pretty essential if you want to make your own tube site and not rely on embedding videos.

NOTE: Here is a coupon code for Host Gator that gives you $9.94 off any purchase less than $49.70----hgc25--

picking a host is up to you but these hosts are easy, legitimate, and allow porn in their terms of service.


Domain Names

The next step in making your own tube site is to have an actual web address for your users to visit.  If you decide that you want to use a free web host for your tube site, most of them offer you a subdomain of their website (such as  However, when you make your own tube site you probably want your own unique web address.  You get 1 unique web address ( when you order the $4.95 a month plan from Host Gator or an unlimited number of unique web addresses with their next tier plan, only $7.95 per month.  That could be useful if you plan on having multiple websites or already have some and you want to administer them all from one account.

If you don't want to go with a subdomain of someone like, you can just use them to host your tube site and register a free domain that looks more professional and is far easier to remember with domain.  making your own tube site with extension is similar to the british system of having  Registering a web address with for your tube site is fast, easy,and %100 free.


Tube Theme Layout

In order to have a tube site, you need a layout and plugins that handle that.  This means you either need to know how to do CSS and create your own template for your tube site, or be lucky enough to be here.

The first thing you need to do is install wordpress on your server.  in the control panel look for Installatron or fantastico or similar installers and the option to auto install should be there.  Alternatively, you can use the directions on wordpress' website to manually install.

The next thing you need to do is install the theme and plugins that will make the layout of your site into a tube site.  Download one of these files, extract it to your desktop, and upload it to your server(webhost).

General Tube Theme             Porn Tube Theme  

 (opens a popup and makes you wait 45 seconds before downloading)

Go to the file manager from your web host's control panel and upload the wptube folder into your "themes" folder located inside the wordpress directory.  Then upload the plugin folder into the "plugins" folder in your wordpress directory.

After uploading these files to your tube site, go to the WordPress control panel and activate the plugins (WP-PageNavi, WP-PostRatings, WP-PostReviews) go to appearance and activate the tube theme. 

To add a new post..

input title, text (if any), etc.  Then in the custom fields option add these..

thumb--put in the URL of a thumbnail that will be on display for the video

Duration--how long the video lasts, such as 9:34

video_code - Code of the video for a page(you can embed videos from other sites or host your                               own player, such as JW Player from

if you plan on having links to adult advertisers to make money..

paysite_url - URL of the Pay Site . Example:

paysite_title -Title of the pay site

Now you go and make your own tube site! If there are questions or something I forgot to cover, contact me at

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After registering for (or anywhere else) you can use URL forwarding to change your web address to something else.  If you have a URL that is too long, such as, or any URL, you can use dot TK.  .tk is a free way to change your website from  If you have a tube site/website that uses a free host subdomain or, you can choose a new .tk url for it that can be completely unrelated.  your website could be and using .tk could become but display your website at  It could also change from to

xvideos and redtube are tube sites that offer embedding as an option for their porn.


feel free to share the love, especially since you could end up making money off of this.

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